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Like the thousands of other ripped off, unhappy customers, I was suckered into Green Tone Pro. All I wanted was the 2 bottles/30 day supply for the postage and handling.

When I saw that they had charged me almost $90 for EACH REFILL I realized what was going on. Thank god for my Amazon credit card. They took off the payments and blocked the merchant from being able to make any more charges to my account. But before it took effect they sent me ANOTHER bottle and charged me $87plus.

So I called my CC comp again and had THAT charge disputed and then I called Green Tone to get the address of where to send the pills, as I do not want/need/am taking them and am not paying for it, so I don't want them in my possession. After the operator answered (it sounded like i woke her from a nap) she proceeded to tape the call!!!.....I flat out said for the recording that I was sending back property for which i did not want and was not going to pay for.....it was like pulling teeth getting the return address!!!!....cant wait to wash my hands of these scammers.....

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Lawton, Oklahoma, United States #758150

you just wrote exactly what happened to me i couldnt say it any clearer only difference is i ordered at thanksgiving paid all my bills 1st of december was on my way to shop when i checked my bank balance and i too was outraged to find that they had stolen 90.00 from my bank account now after reading your review i find they are gonna try and do it again and again the grinch is gonna try and steal my christmas i hope you see my post so that you know that you gave me a heads up on that thank you dont know if i can stop it at this point but will do my best where are all the lawyers and judges and bbb and consumer advacacy groups to help protect this kind of piracy from continuing this is a new trend that didnt start with this company and will continue as long as they can get away with it

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