Same thing happened to me. They charge your credit card not just the shipping cost as written but then they send you more weeks later and charge your card $90!!

You cannot reach them by phone or by website as written. You have to call your credit card immediately and cancel the payment!! This is terrible that they are saying Oprah is endorsing this!! I hope she comes out with a response so people know!!

Please do not even buy the samply product for free and pay for shipping..it is not worth it.

Green tea pro is a fraud!

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Cleveland, Tasmania, Australia #22337

Thats funny because the same thing happened to me after i received the bigger bottles after a couple days i cancelled my credit card

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India #12156

they took my money too but also when I called to cancel they told me to write return code number on shipment and they would credit my account! That has been 3 months ago and still no money and I sent the product back!

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