The product does not work for me. Do not send anymore and especially do not make another withdrawal from my bank acount.

Thank you. This product is not in agreement with my system. It is not good for me health wise. I feel it unfair that I received the products without a return address.

However, I anticipate that I can research and locate your company throgh my bank account.

If I am not successful in my quest you do not have my premission to dedect any funds for products sent to me.The unused products will be returned within the 15 days.

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Logan, Ohio, United States #32960

I have finally had some satisfaction in my dealings with the Green Tea people—they refunded my money but only because I complained to the Division of Consumer Protection in Utah—the place they are apparently located. It would be good if all of you who have had dealings with this company would write them and complain- perhaps this scam could be shut down for good.

The address I sent all my information (see my other postings to see what information I collected) to was: State of Utah, Division of Consumer Protection, Department of Commerce, PO box 146704, 160 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, Ut. 84114-6704 ph. (801)530-6601. You can contact me directly if you would to hear more about what I did to get this company noticed by authorities: danettemb @ comcast.

net (spaces should not be included. I put them in so that my address would show up on this site.)

Oxford, Wisconsin, United States #13326

How in the heck do I get an address or phone # to have these people stop sending and charging me for the product Green Tea LLC??????'


Logan, Ohio, United States #8801

They check the 'terms and agreement' button for you and even following the agreement you will probably not get your money.

Logan, Ohio, United States #8799

You can't cancel this here. See "Green Tea Pro LLC big scam" for more info.

Logan, Ohio, United States #8796

You cancellation here is worthless. See my comment titled "green tea LLC a big scam"

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