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I had the same experience.I ordered a bottle for $4.95.

I was also given another bottle of some cleanse for another $4.95. Nowhere did I see that I was signing up for anything. About 2 weeks later I get billed $79.95 and $89.95 for these bottles that I already paid 10 bucks for!!!! I called and they won't take it back or refund my money.

They are pure and simple crooks!!!!

I could buy the same products anywhere else for 10% of the costs that they charge.Please never give your credit card number out without reading all the terms that are hidden on other pages.


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same issue

Your request (#49621) has been solved.To reopen this request, reply to this email or click the link below:


Irene Abil

Irene Abille (Green Diet | Cleanse Support)

Oct 01 06:15 AM Hi Peggy, This is to inform you that we already cancelled your subscription and we are going to process a $50.00 refund from your Garcinia subscription and $50.00 refund from your Vencleanse subscription.

Please confirm that you are accepting this so we can issue the refund immediately. Thank you Irene Abille | Client Manager Want help? Email or Call us from 9AM-5PM PST from Monday to Friday at 888-915-2767. We're committed to your satisfaction and you're guaranteed a fast response.

P.S. Ask about our coupon codes to save on any order of 3 or more bottles! This email is a service from Green Diet | Cleanse Support.

Delivered by Zendesk.Message-Id:JSFY18P3_542bfe6589f10_815c3fae544b331c82939e_sprut i told them that i would contact bbb and put it on television what i don't get back now i chalk up to being gulliable the phone number i called 1-8662942148 LAS VEGAS NV

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