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whatEVER you do, STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY. They are *** merchants - set up solely to rip you off. Below is a copy of my letter to my bank - it will tell you the whole story.

Dear Sir

On 30th May or thereabouts I ordered a free trial sample of Green Tea Purity and Power Colon Cleanse from Puretea Health and Home Health Store for £3.97 and £3.82 respectively. When I ordered these free products, I expected to pay for the postage and no more. In no way did I knowingly agree to enter into a paid subscription nor was any such subscription made clear at the point of sale.

The next thing I know is my card is charged £51.51 on 8th June by a company calling themselves Delivery Star. I received no email or any such notification advising me that my card would be charged this amount. Furthermore, I received no goods from this company for that amount. The only items I received were the two free sample products I initially ordered and paid postage for. I am therefore claiming this amount of £51.51 back owing to non receipt of goods.

I then received an email from Puretea Health ( (the name itself should say it all!) advising me that I have now been charged $79.95 for the product received. Only there was no product received. Other than the two free samples which I paid £3.97 and £3.82 postage, I received no further products from this merchant.

On 17th June I rang and spoke with Jennifer *** in MBNA Billing Disputes about these unauthorized transactions. After advising her of what had transpired thus far, we agreed I would call back later that day to arrange for a three way conference call between myself, the MBNA agent and this company in question. In the meantime, I emailed the company cancelling any and all subscriptions (see attached) and advising that any further charges made to my card by them would be unauthorized and dealt with accordingly.

I rang MBNA later that day and the agent in Billing Disputes made the 3 way conference call as agreed. During this call, my earlier written email confirmation to this company was followed up by verbal notification that any and all subscriptions were to be cancelled with immediate effect and the unauthorized charge of £50.29 ($79.95) was to be refunded. The company agreed to cancel all subscriptions, refund the £50.29 and send me an email confirming this had been done. No such email was received.

Despite both written and verbal notification being given to and received and acknowledged by the merchant on 17th June, two subsequent charges were made to my card on 18th June - £50.29 by Quality Health and £52.46 by Delivery Star. I then received a further email (, this time on 21st June notifying me that my account was being charged $85.90 for my subscription – again this after verbal and written confirmation of all subscriptions being cancelled.

This merchant is using four company names (that I'm aware of) to conduct these transactions: Delivery Star, Quality Health, Home Health Store and Puretea Health. Having carried out some research on the internet into the company behind Greentea Purity, it is abundantly clear that this merchant has a worldwide reputation for conning and scamming people. The public complaints are consistent, prolific and the same. One can't help but question why MasterCard continues to allow their business.

All in all there are three, possibly four unauthorized transactions on my card which I would ask be credited forthwith – 8th June, Delivery Star for £51.51 (goods never received); 18th June, Quality Health £50.29 (charges made despite subscriptions cancelled), 18th June, Delivery Star £52.46 (again post cancellation) and then this final email, dated 21st June advising my account has been charged a further $85.90.

What concerns me is that I will be going through this every two weeks even though the merchant has received written and verbal confirmation of all subscriptions being cancelled. I would ask if there's anyway to block such transactions that this be done.

Yours sincerely

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the easiest solution to your problem would be to close don your current banking account and open up a new account, since the said crooks wont have your Acct # they will no longer be able to take out loot from your acct.

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