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I have finally found a number to cancel my order for Green Tea, LLC. 702-289-4205 per the voice message that answered it was called Packing Customer Support, push option 2.

I told them I was returning the last package unopened and to credit my credit card. I was informed there is a return charge on all items returned and I would be credited for $60.00 out of the $84.90.

When they send their product it comes in an envelope with no paper inside with their billing info so there is no way to contact them. You go to their web site there is no number to contact them, you e- mail with no response.

It should't be so hard to cancel an order. Sandy

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I have tried to cancel my order from day one. First I received the product 14 days after requesting the free-trial.

Then they shipped another package because they had not heard from me w/i those first 14 days that I never had the product. It was also shipped from China. I have no contact info for them but the email confirmation of shipping which they respond on 1 week after receiving and say its cancelled then never refund the amount promised and resend more going round and round.

Anyone have any luck cancelling this product? If you call the number mentioned on the above blog do you get charged an arm and a leg for the call?

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