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when is some one going to do something about this.this is the kind of thing that make people not trust the internet please help richard webb email im working with bank on fileing fraud charges i will never deal with a co.

on a consumer i could never trust the internet im going to email this to all 1000 email address that i have and i hope they send it out to its a back thing to lie to get in to people bank accout and its very pissed please shut down this co.

Monetary Loss: $84.

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I have used net detective and had no problem at all.People these days expect everything handed to them if you used the program and do a little bit of work you can find the information just like I did.

I love the program and the Customer support department is the best they are the nicest customer support department i have ever dealt with.So sorry for you that had such i problem i love my Net Detective prgram


Right now i cant make my credit card payments can i contact them and make lower payments. also can they get into my bank account because ive not payed any towards it in at least the past 4 months

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